Why Planner?
  1. Because we need a good planning for a high value investment. More effort in planning phase can minimize risk our of control of the budget during construction phase.
  2. To assist customer to get the real price to the items to do at the property they developed.
Why Arsindo?
Planning is everything
Arsindo implement a distinguished sistematic planning and management approach for every customer.
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What We Do
  1. Produce world class quality and services in architectural design based on customer's needs and the context of the sites that provides the maximum possible added value for clients and improves the lives of end users.
  2. Serving potential customer for developing their own dreams at their own project.
  3. Working with customers to understand their facility needs, budget requirements, site conditions and organizational goals, rather than providing ready-made, out-of-the-box solutions, and then able to adapt to the changing and developing needs of clients, regardless of the nature of their project.
  4. Provide excelent services and solutions in designing customer's project at the most customer's experiences.
Who We Are
  1. We are hard worker, tenacious, would evolve, discipline, honest, open mind, responsible, commit, integrity, creative, and excelence in design.
  2. We are a highly skill team concern in sustainable material, green design, low cost in operational, effective, effisien and detail in design.
  3. We are trusted company working with trusted people.
Our History
On 20th February 2002, arsindo international was founded in Surabaya, Indonesia, by a group of professional architects with the inspiration and intention of creating architecture that not only reflect the uniquely style and aesthetic of the projects, but also relate to the context of the sites. Since then, arsindo international has worked in a variety of building types and scales.